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This video from our naturist site (FFL) contains simple, non-sexual nudity and documents a protest bike-ride (WNBR/PNBR). It was recorded as it happened on the streets of Philadelphia on August 28, 2021. Included is pre-ride & post-ride footage.

We had the most fantastic time riding our bikes around the city of Philadelphia, completely nude, with thousands of other like-minded people.

Philadelphia loves this event and it shows! Nothing but smiles during the 12-mile ride through the city. We can’t wait for our next WNBR!

If you’ve never ridden in a WNBR event, we can’t recommend it enough.

First, we have a great time exploring part of downtown Philly including stumbling across a plant-based eatery and a chat with a local guy whos was interested in our cameras and talking about Colorado… We we then hit the streets with thousands of others for the annual PNBR/WNBR ride.

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