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For those interested in viewing our naturist related videos, we have a separate website dedicated to the promotion of naturism which includes a map of all naturist locations we’ve visited, fun video reports and more.

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JUN 05, 2023 – We did it! Our world travels have begun ✈️. First stop, Porto PT via NYC & Lisbon. New naturist & travel videos are on the way. Don’t miss a thing! For our full naturist/nudist videos, support us on Patreon & for our travel videos, subscribe to our free YouTube channel. Come along!

MAY 16, 2023 – Today we put our RV, which has served as our home for the past 5 yrs, in storage. Then we’re off to sell our 4×4 Adventure Van. All new destinations ✈️ very soon. Come along!

MAY 14, 2023 – We’re about two weeks away from starting our world travels ✈️🌍 Look for a couple more travel videos in the next week or so and then our updates will be near real-time again…

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