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Our Story

We invite you to come along as we travel across North America and beyond sharing some of our life’s adventures.

Our names are Scott and Rain and we create videos for our travel and naturist vlog, Birdie & Bambam. After watching us on video, it may be surprising to most of you that we are introverts, and really enjoy dancing to the beat of our own drum. It’s been almost 5 years since we sold everything, and hit the road in our 30’ RV, traveling from state to state with our pups, finding adventures along the way.

The two of us met 22 years ago and instantly fell in love. We both bring complexities, talents, and pensiveness to our relationship. We love retreating to nature and enjoy living minimally. Individually, we are wildly different people and have learned to harness our unique strengths to propel us to the next adventure that life sends our way. Ultimately, you are watching a love story that continues to unfold.

We fully understand that we are unique, and stories like ours are likely few and far between.  We encourage people to think outside the life-boxes, which are self-imposed, and to challenge themselves toward the expansion of their souls. Our desire is that you find the Full Frontal part of your life, whatever it is, and live it!

Thank you for peeking in on us, we hope you enjoy our video creations. We wish all of you an amazing journey of your own and hope you’ll continue to follow our shenanigans!

Ciao for now,
Birdie & Bambam
aka Rain & Scott

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