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Our coastal drive continues as we head south for the winter. Leaving Trinidad, we head to Santa Rosa and Guerneville. We had a great plant-based / vegan lunch at Cozy Plumb Bistro in Santa Rosa before hitting Albion River where our bloodhound had a blast swimming in river & ocean water. We then head to Salinas and Monterey. We also make a quick stop at the “Legends of Bigfoot” tourist trap. Join us next time when we spend a few days in Santa Cruz and on to Big Sur.

00:00 – Intro
00:10 – Leaving Trinidad, CA
00:52 – Legends of Bigfoot
01:48 – Twisty Drive
02:12 – Albion River, Albion, CA
04:47 – Swimming Bloodhound
06:09 – Dog Bath
06:55 – Guerneville, CA
11:01 – Cozy Plumb Bistro, Santa Rosa, CA
13:13 – Salinas/Monterey KOA
14:43 – Monterey, CA

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