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We spend a week in Santa Cruz, California.

First, we hit Santa Cruz Harbor where we stayed for 5 days. We explore downtown Santa Cruz and have lunch at Café Gratitude, one of several plant-based restaurants in the city.

We travel a few miles north and explore Bonny Doon clothing-optional beach. One of several unofficial nude beaches in the area. On our way out we encountered a man swinging a machete along the trail. Very strange behavior. Thankfully he holstered it as we approached. We definitely watched our backs as we walked away from him…

We ride our bikes to the Santa Cruz Wharf and take in the sights including viewing hundreds of sea lions.

Later, we head to the nearby beach town of Capitola and watch surfers ride the waves. We also head back downtown to Pacific Avenue for a little shopping and people watching.

For our final two days in the area, we head up the hill to Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort where our bloodhound, Steve, was a huge hit with other campers.

Join us next time as we travel to beautiful Big Sur.

00:00 – Intro
00:06 – Santa Cruz Harbor RV Park
01:58 – Cafe Gratitude
02:29 – Downtown Santa Cruz
04:49 – RV park at Night
05:21 – Nude Beach – Bonny Doon
06:50 – Machete Wielding Man
09:18 – Santa Cruz Wharf
10:33 – Capitola, CA
12:34 – Pacific Avenue Santa Cruz
13:53 – Departing Satna Cruz Harbor
17:50 – Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort
18:34 – Crowd Pleasing Bloodhound

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