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Wowee! Baker Beach in Trinidad California could be the most beautiful clothing-optional beach we’ve visited to date.

We left coastal Oregon and arrived in Northern California. We heard about this little-known nude beach located way far north. It’s somewhat secluded and with no nearby cities of size, you could easily find that you have the beach nearly all to yourself. When we arrived there were maybe 6 or so people. By the time we left, there were maybe 20 people on the entire beach.

The trail down is fairly easy until you reach the very bottom. There you’ll find some steep stairs that we navigated with ease but could see some people having trouble getting down.

Once we landed on the beach we were blown away by how beautiful it was. The water was bright blue with super clean dark sand and beautiful rock formations all around. It was a little chilly and breezy the day we visited. The dark sand definitely helped keep us warm.

We wouldn’t hesitate to visit this beach again on a warmer day. If you’re in Northern California (far north), it’s a must-see!

This “Baker Beach” should not be confused with the other “Baker Beach” located in San Francisco near the Golden Gate Bridge.

The next day we visit the nearby Ladybird Johnson Redwood Grove Trail for a great time amongst the gigantic trees.

00:00 – Intro
00:14 – Arriving @ Baker Beach
02:13 – Nude Beach
12:48 – Redwood Forest

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