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We head to beautiful Big Sir. There are so many iconic, picturesque locations in Big Sur, one could spend an entire week there and not experience it all.

We camp at Plaskett Creek Campground which was our 2nd choice. We tried to stay at Kirk Creek, which is arguably the best campground in America, but as usual it’s fully booked up far in advance.

We head to stunning McWay Falls which is out of this world beautiful. We then try to go to Limekiln State Park for some hiking but it was closed due to some recent fires.

We spot a whale while eating lunch on the dice of the highway and then head south to find gas. We passed on the $9.99/gallon gas in Gorda and headed to Cambria where we paid $7.40/gallon. Ouch!

We then check out the “Elephant Seal Vista Point” neat Hearst San Simeon State Park.

Finally, we head to the very nice Sand Dollar Beach.

Join us next time as we travel to Palm Springs and very soon we take our full-time travels abroad.

00:00 – Intro
00:49 – Plaskett Creek Campground
01:21 – Slovakian Rough Haired Pointers
02:29 – McWay Falls
04:37 – Limekiln State Park
05:27 – Whale Spotting
08:39 – $10 per Gallon Gas
12:40 – Elephant Seal Visa Point
14:45 – Sand Dollar Beach

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