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We depart the nudist BLM camping area known as the Magic Circle.

After spending much of the winter in southern Arizona in the Magic Circle, we depart for Tecopa Hot Springs, in California, not far from Death Valley.

We enjoyed the nude-required hot springs in Tecopa before heading to Salt Lake City. Along the way in Beaver, UT, we perform an emergency RV repair.

We finally make it to SLC and drop our van off for its 4×4 makeover.

Where we stayed:

00:00 – Intro
00:16 – Nudist Camp Exit
02:16 – Drive to Tecopa
03:06 – Tecopa
11:14 – Hot Springs
14:22 – Emergency RV Repair
17:22 – SLC – Advanced 4×4

View the Naturist version of this video release, go here

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