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Our next stop is Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Neither of us had ever been to this city before. We have friends from here and they told us we’d like it so we thought we’d check it out for ourselves.

We visit The Andy Warhol Museum which was pretty great. No filming was permitted but we were able to take stills… Check them out in the video.

We stayed at nearby White Thorn Lodge Nudist Campground for the week we were in the area. Nice place with decent hiking trails. The trail signage is pretty bad and we ended up way off property & completely naked. Oops. We would have liked to film here but they have a very, very strict policy against cameras usage of any kind.

A few days later we return to the city and take a tram (Monongahela Incline) up the hillside for a fantastic view of the city. It happens to be the oldest continuously operating funicular in the U.S.

We really, really liked Pittsburgh. We definitely want to come back and spend more time.

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